Professional Managing Director Cover Letter Sample & Writing Guide

You have all the right skills for a managing director position. We’ll show you how to call attention to those skills with ideas from our professional managing director cover letter sample. Your cover letter introduces you to the hiring manager or hiring committee and sets the tone for an appealing application that can help you stand out from other candidates. It can be hard to brag about yourself, but it is essential to convincing readers that you are qualified for the position. Review examples like the one included here for ideas on writing your own.

Professional Managing Director Cover Letter Sample

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Managing Director Cover Letter Must-Haves

Your cover letter is also a good place to show a little of your character. Feel free to include a short joke, funny story, or famous quote, but be careful not to include anything that may be even the least bit offensive to anyone. Limit your letter to three paragraphs and keep the writing tight; don’t ramble. Review the professional managing director cover letter sample for examples of how to include specific skills that directly answer the job requirements. Maintain a warm, professional tone throughout the letter, like you were there in person.

Best Action Verbs for a Managing Director Cover Letter

As shown in the professional managing director cover letter sample, descriptive action words can showcase your abilities and help you stand out, so try including verbs such as administered, coordinated, established, initiated, managed, oversaw, reorganized, and streamlined.

Cover Letter Text

Dear Ms. Brett,

Having several years of management experience, I am an ideal candidate for the position of managing director with your organization. I am able to direct department operations in accordance with the company mission and motivate staff members to reach department and organizational goals.The job posting listed required skills such as managing people, budgets, and working with other executives to achieve company goals. I lead a staff of eight people currently, and I believe part of my job is to help them be great at their jobs. To achieve those goals, I act as a mentor, adviser, and manager. I also encourage further career training through seminars, webinars, and continued education with a local school. I foster brainstorming and teamwork, and expect staff members to propose creative answers to issues, then give them leeway to implement useful tools and solutions. As a department manager, I develop and propose budgets, contribute to the company budget, and ensure my department runs in an efficient manner and meets its goals. I also chair cross-functional teams to ensure company operations go as planned and to address any issues that may arise. Knowing that this level of management is not an 8 to 5 job, I willingly take on extra duties and responsibilities if needed. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my qualifications for this position.


John Doe