Sample Cover Letters

As you launch your professional job search, you’ll need to start by adding two essential items to your toolkit: a polished resume and a convincing cover letter.

Writing the latter can be an especially daunting task, and the challenge can be made even more difficult if you’re a novice jobseeker or you’ve been out of the marketplace for a while.

After all, there’s a seemingly countless array of questions to answer: Where should you start? Which details should you include? What’s okay to leave out? Most importantly, how does a successful cover letter look and sound? Should you ask for an interview or simply end with a note of gratitude?

But just because you find cover letter writing a tall order, it doesn’t mean you should forego the effort.

Drafting a cover letter can actually be remarkably quick and easy if you have the right tools to guide you through the task. Start by taking a close look at these cover letter samples to gain a sense of where you’re headed as you sit down to write your own. And if you need additional guidance, use Cover Letter-Now’s Cover Letter Builder to create a job-winning application in minutes!

General Cover Letter Samples


General cover letter samples like this one can provide any jobseeker with a broad overview of what an effective cover letter looks like. The language, formatting, structure, length, and key elements of this letter can be carried over and adapted to a letter targeting almost any employment level in any industry. Of course, your own target job and your own employer audience will bring a list of specific needs and requests to the table, but you can start with this general letter and make tweaks and adjustments that serve your specific purpose.

As you’ll notice, this general letter—like all strong cover letters—contains a heading, a concise body, a professional conclusion, and clearly presented contact information.

  • Contains adaptable language that works for
    most industries
  • Provides an overview of what a letter should
    include (and leave out)
  • Demonstrates professional formatting that can
    be easily read, scanned, and uploaded by
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Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Samples


Administrative support roles vary widely by experience level and industry; an executive assistant for a hospital administrator and a junior admin in a university bursar’s office will fulfill different roles, to be sure. But almost all administrative support professionals will need to demonstrate organizational skills, horizontal leadership, and proficiency with back-office management software tools. If you have these skills and you’re searching for an admin role that can advance your career, these cover letter samples can help you show off to potential employers.

  • Helps administrative jobseekers appeal to their
    employer audience
  • Shines a light on organizational and back office
    management skills
  • Demonstrates proper formatting, including
    distinct sections for introduction, body and
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More Information:
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Human Resources Cover Letter Samples


Human resource managers, directors, and staffers need to prove a few key credentials to their prospective employers before they land an interview invitation. Most important, they need to demonstrate a strong alignment between their own education and experience and the education and experience credentials requested by their employers. Experience matters in the HR world, and if employers can’t see clear evidence of immersion and growth, they may quickly move on to the next candidate.

If you’re searching for a position in this field, give your years in the classroom and the workplace a key position in your cover letter. Use these cover letter samples as your guide.

  • Quickly grabs the attention of HR employers,
    who may be experts in the field of staffing and
  • Allows critical credentials to take center stage,
    including education and experience
  • Demonstrates organization and presentation
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Computer Science Cover Letter Samples


These computer science cover letter samples demonstrate what effective employer targeting looks like in this competitive field. Computer science employers typically require a very specific set of measurable skills (knowledge of specific coding languages or proficiency within specific areas of app development or cyber security). But they also need a set of skills that can’t be easily measured or proven, like leadership, communication, organization, and a strong work ethic.

Use your cover letter to demonstrate these skills in action and shine a light on your accomplishments in these areas. This set of cover letter samples can help you make your case.

  • Presents clear and logical formatting and
    layout, which can help busy employers quickly
    find the information they need
  • Allows candidates to show off both measurable
    and non-measurable skill sets
  • Highlights certifications, accomplishments, and
    educational achievements
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Engineering Cover Letter Samples


These cover letter samples have been designed to support jobseekers in the engineering field, who may benefit by reviewing a few formatting rules and language guidelines in action. Engineering employers usually need to see a specific set of technical, management, and leadership skills, and you can shape your own letter around the needs and requirements laid out in the post for your target job.

  • Allows room to highlight technical,
    interpersonal, and problem-solving skills
  • Allows candidates an opportunity to showcase
    both education and experience-based
  • Provides tools and guidelines that can help
    candidates stand out from the crowd
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Barista Cover Letter Samples


As a barista, you may be searching for a part-time job to get you through a holiday break, or you may be looking for a full-time position with an employer who requires an extensive knowledge of coffee and food service plus years of experience in the field. Regardless of your situation, these cover letter samples can help you explain your goals and make your case to your chosen employer. You’ll need to emphasize your knowledge, social skills, teamwork, salesmanship, and problem solving abilities. These examples can show you the way.

  • Attention-grabbing layout and clear, precise
  • Emphasis on personal branding and
    differentiators that can set you apart from your
  • Clear guidance on how to draft and organize a
    introduction, body, and conclusion
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Internship Cover Letter Samples


The simple resume format offers several benefits, specifically its versatility. This format can be used by jobseekers who need to send out dozens of resumes a day to a wide range of varied employers. This template can be quickly and easily customized, adapted, and altered to suit each new job posting. It begins with a prominent summary section and moves quickly through large, highly readable sections emphasizing core skills (which don’t have to change from each employer to the next) and relevant experience. Keep this format in mind when you need a flexible resume that appeals to a diverse audience with varying needs.

  • Emphasizes future potential, not past
  • Encourages candidates to show off their
    academic and other non-work
  • Gives candidates a chance to showcase their
    personalities and personal interests
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Accounts Payable Cover Letter Samples


Jobseekers looking for a position in accounts payable need to impress employers with their relevant experience, sufficient educational accomplishments, and their approach to the workday. If you’re searching in this field, you’ll want to show off your work ethic and your track record of team work and effective problem solving. You may also want to highlight your close attention to detail and your deep knowledge of accounting best practices. These cover letter samples can help you make an effective case within just a few short, well-written paragraphs. Don’t miss a chance to stand out in a competitive job category.

  • Professional formatting and a clear, readable
    organization and layout
  • A narrative that reflects common career path
    progress in the accounts payable field
  • Language and details that appeal to employers
    in this field
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Software Engineer Cover Letter Samples


Software engineering job applicants are facing an increasingly attractive job market where both opportunities and salary potential are steadily climbing. But in order to stand out in this hot marketplace and grab employer attention, you’ll need a resume and cover letter that steal the show. These cover letter samples can demonstrate the kinds of details, formatting, organization, and language decisions that can help jobseekers get attention and start lining up interviews. Use these models to steer your decisions as you start drafting a letter of your own.

  • Provides formatting and language examples
    that can give jobseekers a much-needed edge
  • Demonstrates how jobseekers are showing off
    the qualities that top employers need
  • Provides insight into how effective,
    professional cover letters sound and feel in this
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Web Designer Cover Letter Sample


Web designers are in high demand, and to make a name for yourself in this field, you need to have great listening skills, a flair for communication and marketing, and proficiency with the web platforms your employers and their clients rely on. Your challenge: How can you present or prove these skills in a one-page cover letter? Start by taking a look at the cover letter samples in this set.

These letters showcase the formatting and language details that can help you grab employer attention and start landing interviews with great companies. The right moves can set you apart in a highly qualified applicant pool.

  • Offers clean, simple layouts and effective
  • Provides web designers with an opportunity to
    show off their presentation skills
  • Showcases sharp writing and attention
    to detail
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Teacher Cover Letter Samples


Experienced teachers at the pre-K and elementary level are in short supply in some geographic areas, and in others, competition for top jobs with top employers can be very tight. In either circumstance, jobseekers in this area will need to head into the marketplace equipped with a strong resume and a concise, compelling, well-written and well-formatted cover letter. In order to create a letter than hits the mark, savvy educators need to make the most of effective cover letter samples, like the ones in this set. Take a look at these samples and use them to guide your drafting, formatting, and editing process.

  • Provides teachers with examples of effective
    self-marketing language
  • Demonstrates language that highlights
    knowledge of classroom management and
    child development
  • Sets candidates apart with clear, attention-
    grabbing layout and organization
More Information:

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Simple Cover Letter Samples


These simple cover letter samples can support candidates who are looking for the shortest, clearest, most straightforward path to an interview invitation from a target employer. When you don’t need to pull out all the stops and create a complex, overly formal document, use these simple cover letter samples to send a message that can be reviewed and processed at a glance—without leaving out any essential information that could help get you hired. Some employers aren’t interested in a novel that tells your life story; they just want one or two good reasons to bring you onto the team.

  • Shows candidates a simple path to cover letter
    success with no bells and whistles
  • Shows how to give employers exactly the
    information they need…and nothing more.
  • Keeps the cover letter process easy,
    professional, and non-intimidating
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